What is Jump for Joy be fit

Jump for Joy be fit is a young and very fast growing brand on the Irish market promoting a healthy and active lifestyle – always be in form!

Jump for joy be fit is a full package that allows you to open your own fitness club with a modern form of physical activity such as fitness on trampolines. We organise jumping trainer courses, and we sell professional trampolines. If you would like cooperate with us to open your own trampoline club, do not hesitate to contact us. If you are already an owner of a fitness club, we can train your instructors, it could be your chance to introduce something new in your schedule. Trampoline fitness is a great training and your customers will definitely feel the results of it in no time. We invite you to collaborate with us!!!

Jump for Joy be fit – We set new trends in fitness!

Become Jumping instructor:

Main objectives of the course are to prepare its participants for carrying out versatile fitness classes on jump for joy be fit trampolines in a club, gym or outside. We will teach you the rules and tips for creating classes, exercise routines on trampolines, stages of training.

Pro Trampoline For Jumping Instructor

 Jump for Joy trampoline that is protected by a utility model
does not burden your health, it has a beneficial effect
on the joints and the spine.
High quality!!

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