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    Jumping Instructor

    Training for Jump for joy be fit – jumping instructors
    Main objectives of the course are to prepare
    its participants for carrying out versatile
    fitness classes on jump for joy be fit trampolines in a club, gym or outside.
    We will Teach you the rules and tips for creating classes,
    exercise routines on trampolines, stages of training.Requirements:

    • At least 18 years old
    • With good health condition which allows participating in the course

    The course is aimed for:

    • Fitness instructors
    • Personal or group trainers
    • People which want to learn new skills and start to work
      with a fantastic new fitness line.

    1 day- 8 hours.

    Location: Carlow


    • 2021/03/28

    Training includes:


    • Learning basic steps
    • What is Jump for Joy be fit and jumping fitness
    • Jumping fitness – principles, effects and exception ( Theory exam)
    • The construction of trampolines and its correct use and assembly
    • Every future instructor will conduct a few minutes of class as a Practical exam.
    • Introduce our pro trampoline
    • Trampoline and weight loss – exercise
    • Create a training plan
    • Marketing

    After completing our course ( theory & practical exam) you will be able to buy our trampolines.  



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