Our Team

Meet Our Team

More about instructors and coaches. 

Dana – Master instructor


She was into sport all her life: jogging, cycling and aerobic but her real love become jumping on trampolines. She completed various training & courses and through hard work she mastered it. To see her in action, participate some of her classes and if you fall in love with jumping on trampolines maybe you should become an instructor too.

Eric – Event Organizer


Keeps an eye on production and service.
If that’s not enough he also takes care of sales, marketing,
and organising events. Be fit is his life motto,give him a bicycle,
trampoline or throw him into a gym and he will be happy.

Kate – Instructor


Just look at her and tell me, do you see a mother of 3 kids
(including twins) in this picture? No is an obvious answer,
but I’m sure you have already guessed that! Thanks to living an active lifestyle she looks so awesome and has so much energy.
She is our best jumping instructor. You have to see her in action, try to keep up with her – just jump!!!

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